What is Brightbook?

Welcome to Brightbook's Illustration & Art

Here we showcase the work donated and created for our homepage, by artists and designers whose work we love and admire. The Current work is by...

Sophie Alda

Sophie Alda is an illustrator and artist living and working in London. Often character and situation based, much of the spirit in her work is derived from the muted-but-bright pastel based colour palette. Working primarily with gouache and the smallest brushes ever, Sophie's paintings have the flat finish of a screen print, with intriguing attention to detail.

What is your illustration about?
It's all about a big party on Mr Egghead's head! Praise be to Brightbook

Fancy doing something for the homepage?

The homepage celebrates Brightbook as being the new best easy way of managing your businesses. It's Brightbook vs Mr Egghead, new school vs old school. Whatever you do, it should feel positive and fun.

There is only one rule. Mr Egghead must feature in your work. Traditionally he wears a brown suit, carries a red briefcase and has some papers strewn around but we're open to what your style dictates.

If you want to create something for the homepage, please get in touch art@brightbook.com