What is Brightbook?

Welcome to Brightbook's Illustration & Art

Here we showcase the work donated and created for our homepage, by artists and designers whose work we love and admire. The Current work is by...

Ciara Phelan

Ciara Phelan a freelance illustrator working from Open Studio in North London. Her work is predominantly collage based, she likes to mix vintage imagery found in old encyclopaedias and children's books with modern geometric pattern and vector shapes. �Her collage work is mostly created digitally on the computer as she finds this the easiest way to manipulate the forms and create interesting compositions. In addition to the collages, she also works with paper to create elaborate sets and objects that is then shot in the studio before digitally re-touched.

What is your illustration about?
I wanted to show everyone having a party and celebrating the amazing online service that is Brightbook. Mr Egghead is look sad a dejected, surrounded by horrible paperwork that he is yet to complete.

Fancy doing something for the homepage?

The homepage celebrates Brightbook as being the new best easy way of managing your businesses. It's Brightbook vs Mr Egghead, new school vs old school. Whatever you do, it should feel positive and fun.

There is only one rule. Mr Egghead must feature in your work. Traditionally he wears a brown suit, carries a red briefcase and has some papers strewn around but we're open to what your style dictates.

If you want to create something for the homepage, please get in touch art@brightbook.com