What is Brightbook?

Welcome to Brightbook's Illustration & Art

Here we showcase the work donated and created for our homepage, by artists and designers whose work we love and admire. The Current work is by...

Charles Cutting

Charles Cutting gained his BA in Illustration at Bristol in 1995 and now lives in Oxford. He has travelled widely through Latin America, Russia, Mongolia, Europe, Canada and China and been commissioned to paint water-colours, canvasses and murals in England and abroad. He currently illustrates two online graphic novels: The Dream Quest of Randolph Carter and The Doings of Vincent John McKeown, Poet (a semi-fantastical biography).

What is your illustration about?
Each allegorical image represents a world inhabited by a different type of business owner. Mr Egghead is trapped in his office which represents the narrow, limiting and unfulfilling world from which the others have escaped. Each image also represents the potential goals of small businesses. Goals which can be achieved with the help of Brightbook, who can take away the pain of accountancy and allow each business owner the space to concentrate on what excites them about their professions.

Fancy doing something for the homepage?

The homepage celebrates Brightbook as being the new best easy way of managing your businesses. It's Brightbook vs Mr Egghead, new school vs old school. Whatever you do, it should feel positive and fun.

There is only one rule. Mr Egghead must feature in your work. Traditionally he wears a brown suit, carries a red briefcase and has some papers strewn around but we're open to what your style dictates.

If you want to create something for the homepage, please get in touch art@brightbook.com