What Can Brightbook Do?

Rest Assured

As secure as online banking is. Your data is backed up daily.

Bank-Level Security

Brightbook has Bank-level security - we use the same level of security that banks use for their websites.

Our servers are SSL certified and housed in enterprise grade hosting facilities in Cambridge, UK. All data is backed up daily and from day one Brightbook has been available 99.97% of the time.


System Security
Our hosting facilities ensure the highest level of security. And as security practices evolve, so does our security.

Our servers have SSL certificates. This means that all data transferred between you and Brightbook is encrypted. The same encryption banks use.

Allowing Others Access
The only people that have access to your account are people that you've invited (what they can access is defined by you). You can invite people and remove them anytime.

Login Passwords
Your Internet browser cannot save your login details, which stops access if your computer has been stolen or compromised in some way. You will be automatically logged out after 30 mins of inactivity.

Firewall, Network & Server Security
Our servers are housed in a secure enterprise grade hosting facility in Cambridge, UK. Physical access is limited to authorised personel only. All web access is filtered using dedicated firewalls which are configured & monitored according to industry best practice.

Your Data is Protected
Your data is backed up offsite daily.

Online is Best
Your data isn't stored on your computer - if your laptop crashes, gets lost, or stolen, all your data will be safe.´┐ŻAllowing your accountant or financial advisor access to your data within Brightbook, is far safer than emailing or posting it to them.

Migrate or Export your data
Your data is yours. You can import it (migrating your data from another solution) or you can export it - most pages in Brightbook have an Export to Excel button at the bottom.