What is Brightbook?

How Brightbook began...

Back in 2007, while preparing their quarterly VAT, Warwick and James realised that they were in for a tiresome day trawling through and categorising their bills, invoices and various account statements.

Trying other accounting software solutions previously had been a frustrating experience. They'd found them overly complicated, expensive and not for ordinary non-accounting types, like them. They both agreed that there must be an easier way.

That afternoon they decided to make their own simple online bookkeeping solution; one that wouldn't be confusing or expensive, green, or blue.

Quicker and easier is more enjoyable

Over the next week Warwick created the first version. They named it Brightbook and quickly friends were asking to use it too. That small community's feedback helped Brightbook evolve and become better.

Growing Community

In 2010, Brightbook was 'launched' through an unexpected article in a design magazine. By the end of 2010 Brightbook had thousands of users, and continues to grow daily.

The latest major release of Brightbook is the boldest most exciting step yet. For small business owners, using it is a no brainer.